Elizabeth Schneemann

Licensed Aesthetician

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their own skin. That’s precisely what our amazing Aesthetician Elizabeth Schneemann firmly believes. In fact, it’s that belief that led her to pursue a career in aesthetics, and it’s the approach she takes with every single patient at Beauti Pharm. As an experienced provider of a wide range of noninvasive treatment options, such as laser treatments, chemical peels, microneedling, and much more (as well as serving as our resident skin care specialist), Elizabeth takes great pride in producing results that help you shine through life.

While she’s always had a fascination for the world of aesthetics, it was Elizabeth’s own struggles with acne that really solidified her pursuit of a career in the industry.

“I’ve always had a passion for hair, makeup, and skin care,” she said. “But when I was in high school, I started to really struggle with acne. So I dove deep into skin care and was really trying to heal my own acne. That gave me the passion for skin care specifically. I always knew I wanted to do something beauty related, but once I started treating my own issues, I realized that this is something I want to do to help other people because there is just so much that goes into it.”

Born and raised in Grand Blanc, Elizabeth began pursuing her passion by attending the Douglas J. Aveda Institute in East Lansing. But her education didn’t end there. Even after earning her aesthetic certification, she continued to dive deeper and conduct a lot of her own research along the way to hone her beloved craft. And she’ll gladly tell you she found a great environment for endless learning at Beauti Pharm.

There’s not a treatment that Elizabeth doesn’t find value in. But if she had to narrow it down to a favorite, it would have to be the Clear + Brilliant laser.

“Clear + Brilliant is amazing. You can do so much with it,” she says. “It can treat all skin types and tones, and it’s really customizable to anyone and features very little downtime. It uses the 1440 wavelength, which works a little bit deeper and targets fine lines and wrinkles and helps build collagen. There’s also the 1927 wavelength that works more on the surface and helps with pigmentation and pore size, and it also helps with the permeability of skincare products. We can do a combo of both in one treatment to address multiple skin concerns. It’s a great treatment overall that you can get year-round.”

Whatever treatment option has you in Elizabeth’s care, you can rest assured she takes great attention to all the fine details while working with you to establish a customized treatment plan that will offer the best possible benefit. After all, happy clients are what it’s all about.

“I love being able to help my clients reach their goals,” she said. “Everyone has different skin and different goals, and I love being able to pass my education to the clients. I really spend a lot of time going over each step with every client because I want them to understand what it is that I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I also just love building those client relationships because I get to meet so many great people and make those connections.”


And Beauti Pharm certainly fits the bill as being a place where beautiful connections are made, both with clients and coworkers alike, as Elizabeth points out.

“We just have the best team. We are so supportive of each other, and I learn so much from everybody,” she said. “We’re very results driven. We just want to make a difference, and we really want to help people find their natural beauty and enhance what they like about themselves.”

In her spare time, Elizabeth loves to hike and is a big fan of attending as many concerts and sporting events as she can.

To make an appointment with Elizabeth or any of our providers, call us at (810) 771-8777 or click here to book online.