Giarah Payne

Licensed Aesthetician

Life just tends to be better when it’s lived with confidence, which is exactly why Giarah Payne prides herself in using her skills as a Licensed Aesthetician to foster as much confidence as possible for those in her care at Beauti Pharm. She does so with a host of non- and minimally invasive offerings, such as laser treatments, microneedling, body contouring, chemical peels, and much more.

Born in Flint, Michigan and raised in nearby Clio, Giarah has proudly been with Beauti Pharm since almost day one. Coincidentally, it all started with a modeling gig.

“Laura [Stillman] needed a model for lips, and I had just graduated aesthetician school a year before and was doing lashes at the time, which I still do,” Giarah said. “Laura was planning on expanding and needed an aesthetician. She did my lips and I fell in love with them. We got to talking and I ended up coming to work with her. I’ve been at it ever since.”

Even long before Beauti Pharm became her aesthetic home, Giarah remembers always having an inkling for anything beauty related.

“I’ve always been the makeup girl,” she said. “I’ve always loved to make people feel beautiful and look beautiful. I was initially going to school for something else before I found out about aesthetics. When I did, I instantly knew it was something I needed to do. I always had a passion for it. I just needed to find a way to make a career out of it.”

And that she did. Giarah switched gears and attended Mott Community College in Flint where she dove into the exciting realm of aesthetics training, eventually obtaining her aesthetician certification. In school, she even further expanded her love of the industry due to the change the treatment options can produce in people’s lives.

“I’m really into creating change in the skin through medical-grade skin care, chemical peels, lasers, helping people with their scarring, and many other things like that,” she said. “It’s just such a blessing to be able to help people in such a way.” 

While she loves any treatment option that brings about transformations, Giarah admits that her favorite has to be the HydraFacial®, with Emsella® being a close runner-up.

“I love the HydraFacial,” she said. “I feel like everyone who gets one just leaves glowing, and they feel so good about themselves. It’s such a nice way to treat yourself and feel good in your own skin. I also love Emsella because it helps with women’s sexual health and incontinence. It’s something that’s not talked about much, but a lot of women struggle with. I think it’s really amazing and it helps people with their daily lives.”

Regardless of the treatment option that brings you to the Pharm and in the care of Giarah’s skilled hands, she simply takes great joy in guiding you down the path of becoming the best version of yourself and relishing in the confidence boost that ensues with great results.


“I just love to help people meet their goals and help them feel the best in their own skin,” she said. “There’s no better feeling than that.”

The only feeling that may compare for Giarah is to work with a great group of caring, talented individuals who share a common goal of boosting beauty through any means necessary, like at Beauti Pharm.

“I like that we have fun and maintain being professional at the same time,” she said. “We have fun with our clients while taking care of them and making a plan for them. I love that we’re a family atmosphere. We get along super well and we all have the same goals in mind for our clients. I love my job and the people that I work with, and I’m excited to watch us continue to grow.”

In her spare time, Giarah loves to go for long walks and hikes, travel and explore new cities, try new restaurants, and just enjoy spending time with her friends.

To make an appointment with Giarah or any of our providers, give us a call at (810) 771-8777 or click here to book an appointment online.