Skinbetter Science® now available at Beauti Pharm Med Spa

Skinbetter Science

Beauti Pharm partners with Skinbetter Science®!

Beauti Pharm is proud to now offer award-winning skincare products in Grand Blanc for clients who wish to rev up their skincare regimen truly. They’ve teamed up with the incredible line of Skinbetter Science® products to provide a path to remarkable results backed by scientific research. The award-winning EyeMax™ AlphaRet® Overnight Cream, InterFuse® Eye Treatment Cream, and Alto Defense Serum™, among a plethora of other advanced medical-grade skin care products, are now available exclusively through Beauti Pharm.

If you lack a good at-home skincare routine that includes medical-grade products, you’re likely missing out on the best your skin offers. That’s exactly why Beauti Pharm’s proprietor, Laura Stillman, CRNA, NP-C, sought out to offer the Skinbetter line for her clients.

“When you’re happy with how your skin looks, you just feel more beautiful and confident,” Laura said. “Skinbetter products ensure real results for a variety of common skin concerns, and they are a perfect addition to the skincare line at my practice.”

The makers of Skinbetter products set out to offer a new paradigm in skincare. These top-quality products were developed by a diverse team with decades of experience in clinical research and development as well as a commitment to the study of skincare science and the introduction of new technologies. The peptides in these products help encourage the skin to rebuild lost collagen, which is crucial for the appearance of youthful-looking skin.

Only available through authorized providers, you can rest assured that Skinbetter products are formulated to outweigh any run-of-the-mill skincare products lining retailer shelves vastly.

Why? Because cutting-edge science is the principal driving force behind the Skinbetter products. A team of aesthetic experts with a profound understanding of skin aging developed two exclusive groundbreaking technologies that set Skinbetter apart from other skincare lines. This revolutionary InterFuse technology delivers skin-improving ingredients to where they are needed with pinpoint precision and AlphaRet which offers a unique combination of an AHA and a retinoid to maximize skin rejuvenation with little-to-no irritation.

In addition to being scientifically advanced, Skinbetter also offers an uncomplicated approach to people who wish to streamline their skincare routines. While one Skinbetter product can deliver remarkable results, combining two to three can help completely change how you feel about your skin. That’s the whole idea behind Laura choosing to offer this revolutionary brand.

“I’m so excited to offer these amazing products to my clients,” she said. “And I’m ready to hit the ground running in working with them to customize a skincare routine that sets a course for the best skin of their life.”

For more information, contact Beauti Pharm today at (810) 771-8777.

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