Haley Camargo

Haley Camargo

RN-BSN, Nurse Injector

Haley Camargo

Haley Camargo is a registered nurse and skilled injector with ever-expanding experience in helping people feel their most beautiful. Her knowledge of injectables, such as neurotoxins, fillers, PRF, PRP, EZ Gel, and even laser treatments are wonderful additions to Beauti Pharm.

Born in Flint, Michigan, Haley moved around the tri cities area with her family for a time growing up before settling a while and attending Grand Blanc High School. Somewhere along the way, she developed the desire for a career geared toward helping people. At first, the nursing profession felt like the perfect match to quench her benevolent thirst, so she enrolled in the nursing program at University of Michigan-Flint.

Early on in her studies, however, Haley’s interest in a different sector of nursing was sparked thanks to a revered teacher.

“I had an instructor who owned a med spa in Ann Arbor,” Haley explains. “She and I would chat quite a bit on the side about her business, and I became increasingly fascinated. After picking her brain, I just somehow knew it’s what I wanted to do.”

Despite being bitten by the aesthetic bug in only her 2nd semester of nursing school thanks to that instructor, Haley followed through with her course of study and obtained her nursing degree.

While doing her clinicals at the university, she quickly realized that the healthcare industry as a whole certainly has its ups and downs. With her newly acquired knowledge of medical aesthetics, however, she saw the potential for many more ups than downs.

“Aesthetics is such a wonderful way to make people feel good about themselves,” she said. “There are so many different ways you can improve someone’s life rather than just with medicine. Aesthetics is just more my speed in that sense.”

Fast forward to an encounter with master injector and Beauti Pharm proprietor Laura Stillman. After a conversation with Laura, Haley just knew Beauti Pharm was the perfect place to dive into her aesthetic passion. Laura obviously recognized the potential and gladly took Haley under her wing.

As a part-time injector currently, Haley still lends her nursing talents to the more intense side of the industry as a part-time emergency room nurse at Hurley Medical Center in Flint. While Beauti Pharm allows her the ideal environment to take part in her true passion, Haley still has immense respect for the “heavier” side of healthcare while also recognizing an important correlation between the two worlds.

“In the ER, any choice you make could be the difference between someone living or dying. It’s that serious,” she said. “You have to be very precise, very careful in what decisions you make. It’s the same in aesthetics, but in a different way. Precision and critical thinking really go hand in hand between both, even though they’re two totally different sides of nursing.”

Though difficult to nail down any particular favorite treatment option, Haley has developed quite the fondness for an ever-popular injectable – dermal filler.

“I really love filler because you can see an instant result,” she said. “Neurotoxins are great, but you have to wait several days or weeks to see your final results. There are also a lot of regenerative properties with fillers. It’s instant gratification, and there’s so much more to it than just filling the face.”

Regardless of whatever treatment she’s performing, Haley makes sure to always set clear expectations with her patients. The ability to do so is quite the far cry from the often touch-and-go ER setting.

“I love having the mutual understanding with my patients that this is the expectation of what we can achieve today and focusing on natural-looking results. In aesthetics, patients are not coming in because they’re sick. They’re coming because they want to enhance their natural features that they already have and make themselves look and feel better.”

Helping people attain that desired confidence boost following an aesthetic treatment is always the end goal for Haley, and she truly delights in getting the kind of feedback that affirms why she loves this industry so much.

“I’ll get text messages sometimes from people weeks later saying I totally transformed how they look at themselves in the mirror,” she said. “It just feels so good to hear that.”

Thankfully, those kinds of stories abound at a place like Beauti Pharm. And Haley gets even further enjoyment working closely with a likeminded team who relishes in similar results.

“We’re all very close knit. It’s like a little family and like my second home,” she said. “Everybody bounces ideas off each other and builds off each other’s treatments. When you come to Beauti Pharm, you’re not just walking into a med spa. You’re walking into a little family that you’ll end up being a part of.”

When she can find spare time, Haley and her boyfriend love to travel with their beloved black lab, especially to any unexplored lakes or trails. Basically, any activity that gets them outdoors is always a welcomed adventure.

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